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      www.ent-elec.com 中文版 | ENGLISH
          Email us at sales@www.dlwpa.com
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      We’re already here.... And there. With the automotive components market moving to Asia, ENT already has the resources in place. TS Certified facilities, Large Tonnage Stamping, Insert/Over-Moulding, value-add services & wireless experience to support the telematics industry…ENT is the single source for a broad range of products from our facilities in North America and Asia



      ENT supplies the major interconnect manufacturers globally. Many of these companies, who have in-house stamping resources, leverage our complementary capabilities and interconnect experience. Products and services we provide include: precision metal stamping, insert & precision moulding, hi-speed stamping and the seamless transfer of programs between our global facilities



      At ENT, Consumer and Industrial means everything from Printers to Medical Devices to Industrial Controls. Our diverse customer base has common requirements. What you get from ENT is a flexible supplier that can easily meet your specific needs. We support joint R&D efforts, vendor consolidation & program transfers, and emerging market support…even if that means a new ENT facility near your manufacturing site.

      2011-11-10 9:39:26

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